eBooks are the medium of the future for knowledge dissemination and offer many advantages to the students as well as the faculty like:

  • The Schools save considerable cost of maintaining the printed book library
  • The Schools do not require huge infrastructure for storage of eBooks
  • The School libraries do not have to limit the number of books a user can get on loan
  • User can download as many books as she / he wishes
  • eBooks help us in saving the environment and reduce the carbon emission
  • eBooks help the Schools save on transportation cost and pollution associated with shipping the printed books
  • Multiple users can access the same eBook at the same time
  • eBooks have no shelf-life constraints
  • eBooks cannot be stolen, do not burn, mildew, crumble, rot or fall apart
  • eBooks text can be resized for the visually impaired users and screen can be lit for reading in the dark
  • eBooks can be easily read on various reading devices
  • Students and Teachers can store as many eBooks of their liking on their reading devices for their convenient reading pleasure anytime, anywhere